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Here is Ray's 1963 Town Wagon after he rebuilt the body, and put in a 73 W200 drivetrain.

This included the automatic, PS, PB, and the 4wd gear.

Here the TW is in the middle of the rebuild process.
Here is Ray as a youngster next to his parents TW. They sold it a while after this picture was taken, but Ray found it years later and built it into the machine you see here.
Here is a picture of the TW from when Ray's parents owned it(Ray is not pictured)
Here is the TW on the trailer after Ray brought it home
This is the parts truck Ray used to complete the rebuild.

Here is Ray's description of how he did his 4wd and Power Steering upgrade. Look below for a picture of the PS setup.

Hello out in TW land, Here is a brief discription of my PS conversion on my 63 TW. My truck was drug home as a 2wd, no engine or tranny, 2 cents A pound, wife hates it, piece of junk. I had to make it pretty, fast! I bought a complete 73 w200 pu for a donor. She had a 360, auto, ps, pb, Dana 44/60, 4.10 gears. I have done many swaps and converions, so this was cake compared to my others. I first looked at putting the whole 73 frame under neath, but decided not to because the rails are to different, to long and to narrow up at the core support. The main thing I wanted was the ps and pb. My frame was nice so i left it alone. The front and rear axles bolt in no problem, i had to remove the 4spd crossmember to put in the auto, and drill all the holes for the transfer case mount and tranny mount. The frame width is the same there. I have been told 65 and later frames are all predrilled, but not shure. The 73 is a front steer box, if you try to put it up front on the wider early frame, you end up with big time interference with the tire.Plus you would have to butch up the core support, shock tower and the column. I put the box right were the original was. I put the shaft through the frame hole and built a bracket to hold it there, because now the cast mounting bosses are facing the back. I made sure it lined up with the column, and shortened the 63 column to accomadate a flamming river double D type joint. This means you need to grind the round column shaft in to a D shape at the end. The lower column clamp gets moved over a little becuase of the wider box. I used a 75 2wd pitman arm,heated and flatend it out and removed the alighnment notches on the inside splining so I could position the arm anywhere on the shaft. Because my truck is tall i needed to extend the pitman arm 2" to get rid of the bumpsteer. A 2wd may not need this. The 73 front axle had shock mounts on the rear so i moved them to the front. The 63 drag link works fine. The 360 had a ps pump on it so I just made some long lines to reach back to the box. I see alot of 4wd TW's with the bottom of the front fenders nipped off. I chose to move the body foward about a inch. That centered the rear wheel in the opening and helped with the front alot! I run a 16"x7' ford rim with 255/85 16s. I now can sip hot coffee while driving one handed. This conversion would work on up to 71 trucks. This should only be done by a pro! If you have any comments please reply, Eric my be able to post the pic of my ps on his website. Thanks, Ray

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