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I have placed all the text you have given me, and all the pictures you sent me in the section below, please look at the site and E-mail me what pictures you want in what order(I numbered them) and what text if any you want next to each picture.

I can also spread things out so that the pictures are dispersed throughout your story, just tell me how you want it. Thanks!


This is Chip's 1964 Town Wagon. He bought this truck from Florida, and brought it home to rebuild.

Below is the story of his truck told in his own words.


The truck is a 64 TW with a 225 6 cyl, as you know currently two wheel drive. From what the previous owner knew (weird kid, not a lot) it is a former state highway vehicle for either Texas or Florida. I found it by way of the TW list and Excite Classifieds in Gainesville, Florida. In December or 1999, on a trip to Florida to meet my girlfriends family I stopped and looked the truck over and paid the kid for it. I then had it shipped to West Virginia where it currently resides in a stall of my Dad's garage while I restore it, read arrest rust and weld in new metal. I first got interested in these trucks in 1996 when I decided I was completely sick and tired vehicles other than Dodge (mucho problems) and finally decided to get back to the family (Dad's) favorite vehicles (far less problems) and try to get an older truck with 50's styling. Originally I wanted a pick-up but when I saw the Town Wagons I fell in love. I intend to do the interior of the truck much like a conversion van, with a sofa-bed, captains chairs, stereo, tv and all of that other silliness. I am divorced and see my kids every other week-end and for two weeks a year, so eventually this will be our get-away vehicle. My son is six years old and just loves that old truck and can't wait till we can take it places, ride it in parades, etc. My little girl is three and she seems to like it as well. I also have to take just a moment here to say that I fortunately have an extremely understanding Girlfriend, who has been incredibly supportive of my dream. I recently bought a 3/4 ton, 63 Power Wagon farm truck down in Virginia for $300.00 that has graciously donated it's 4X4 drivetrain and a lot of other parts to the restoration of the Town Wagon. All I have to do is get it from my Buddy's yard in PA over to the farm in WV. Moving that big dude from Rixeyville, VA to Bedford, PA (towed by my Buddy Jim's 1/2 ton 96 Ram) with My son and my steadfast gear-head Buddy Jim was a task in itself, a good time was had by all.



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