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This is a 1963 Town Panel when I first saw it in an east-central WI junkyard. My friend Gerry showed me this truck when we went to look at a couple of 1960 pickups that he bought.

This is an original slant 6, three speed on the column truck. From what I can tell this truck has been red all of its life.

All of the sheet metal on this truck is rusted beyond use. The windshield is cracked. The steering column has been cut. The engine seems to be locked up. The transmission is missing. Since I first saw this truck someone has removed the rear bumper.

Parts I have removed off this truck: License plate lights, Rear door locking hardware, Driver's side rearview mirror bracket, and Rear door props.

Howard in Ohio got the rear door locking hardware and the license plate lights, Tim in IL got the rearview mirror bracket, and I kept the door props.

I took off the grill and put it inside for protection. I have removed the panel below the rear doors as it had rusted off and I wanted the license plate lights.

The only good parts left on this truck are a few interior pieces, the tail light buckets, the front bumper, the rear door glass, and the grill.

The owner thinks he has gold! After buying a few parts off of this truck, I offered to buy the whole thing, strip off what I wanted and leave the rest for scrap. The junkyard manager (owner?) told me $500! I offered him $250, which is ridiculously high, and he turned me down. So I left, and I will have to leave the rest of those parts to the crusher.

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