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This 1961-66 Power Wagon Town Wagon was for sale in La Grange WI, in the winter of 1998. The truck is a 318 V8, NP420 4 speed, with a standard 1/2 ton 4wd chassis. There was a PTO on the transfer case, and the grill guard is made from the hard to find 1961 to 1965-1/2 winch/medium duty truck bumper. Which leads me to believe that this was originally a winch truck. The body on this truck is real bad, the floors are rotted out and full of roofing tar. The front fenders are full of Bondo, as are the rear quarters.

The roof has been crudely welded back together, and one of the rear doors is attached using a gate hinge. The sun visor and roof rack were also welded on with lots of extra bead in a crude manner.

When I talked to the owner he said there was a tooth missing from the front pinion gear, and he wanted $2,000. I decided that was overpriced and I looked elsewhere for a parts truck.

This shot shows how much snow had found its way into the truck and the handy storage compartments that had been made by cutting the panels out of the rear doors.

Some of the snow that had gotten into the truck was due to the fact that the rear doors did not shut properly and were held closed with a bungee cord.

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