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This 1954 or 1955 First Series Town Panel was found in a yard near the red 60's TP on the 61-66 page.

I have stripped this truck of most of it useable parts. It is so rusted out that I am suprised it has not fallen in half yet.

This TP had the side chrome, the Town Panel badges, and a good taillight. I took all of that, the ignition switch, and the rear door hardware while taking a short break from work one day.

I went back and got a NP 435 tranny from a '66 D200 in the same yard, and at that point I got a few more parts from the TP.

Then my friend Mike and I went and got the tailgate off of the D200, and I got some other parts off of the TP.

This picture was taken after all of that was done to this truck. I am now told the windshield is hard to find, so I will go back for it some day.

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