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Part numbers from the TW E-mail list
These are part numbers given to me by members of the Town Wagon E-mail list. I have not used any of these numbers myself so I have no personal knowlege on how well they work.
Here are a few part numbers that I have gathered from the TW E-mail list.

Drag Link W100 '57-'65 Mopar Dodge Dealer PN 2234523 154.00

Drag Link W300 67 PN 2231449

Fuel tank sending unit Valley Vintage Phone: 440-355-4085 PN2240-727 50.00?

Body Parts

Windsheild Bissaillon Glass DW425TN NA

Windshield seal JC Whitney 81--2538r Style 9 16ft 22.46

Windshield lock JC Whitney 81--2568w 16ft 6.74

Windshield wheatherstrip (W Lockstrip) Vintage Power Wagons CC1561565 60.00

Windsheild wipers Anco dead locker R/n05325 12" na

Stone Shield Group 12-23-4: '54-'66 Mitchell Motor Parts 614-875-4919 1399 026 (right) NA (rear fenders) 1399 027 (left) na

keys w/cylinder locks Mitchell Motor Parts 614-875-4919 1785142 (2 doors and Ignition) na 1785143 (3 doors and ignition) na

Key Blanks1 Ilco 1125H H5 na

Key Blanks2 Jeco H4 na

Parking Lense Clear '57-'60 FWD Hardware Inc. 8127449 $7.99 (this is not the correct lens, but it looks fine)

Parking Lense Amber '61-'66 Jeep aftermark. / FWD Hardware Inc. 8127449A $7.99

Tail Light Lense TW/TP '54-'66 Jan Anderson Phone:414 697 0732 Apr-Oct na

Radiator hose upper (to modify) Napa (Smooth hose) 7364 NA

Drive train parts

Clutch Master Cylinder Napa 36066 $98.49

Clutch Slave Cylinder Raybestos / Champion SC33723 $59.99

Clutch Slave Kit NAPA 328 $15.79

Clutch disc 1" spline (W100 / NP420) Borg & Beck PN12944 11"

Clutch disc 1.380" spline (W300) Borg & Beck PN12559

11" Pressure plate Borg & Beck PN1433 11"

Clutch disc 1.380" spline Borg & Beck / NAPA PN13363 / RCF586

12" Pressure plate Borg & Beck / NAPA PN1575 / CA1733 12" beware that the actual clutch diameter is 11.87", not 12.00"!!

Clutch disc ? / Champion 11" 1 $24.99 Pressure plate ? / Champion 11" 1 $44.99

U-joints Dana-spicer 1306-1 6 $11.00

All this clutch info is because I'm putting a 12" clutch and a NP540 5 speed which has 1.380 diameter input shaft in my TWPW. Later, Gar

The 1955 second series to 1966 windshield; DW435 (PPG), at about $175.00 jobber. And the gasket; WBL435 (Precision, includes the lock bead) runs about $40-$50

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