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Mark Jones 59 W300
Here are some updated photos of my 1959 W300.

I have recently removed the utility bed. I use my truck for hauling wood and water for my home. I know it's a rare truck. It originally had flat 6 and a 4speed; currently has a poly 318 and a 4 speed.

Boom: I use the boom for anything heavy. ( engines,etc) The winch is PTO driven. It is a Konig steel works out of Texas I believe.

Truck history & its former life: I found it in Claypool, AZ (an old mining town), where it had been used by an electrical company. It had never been licensed for road travel; they used it to pull cable with the engine running so the PTO would work. Basically, the engine had a LOT of hours on it and only 50,000 miles when I bought it.

Plans for future use: I would like to make it my daily driver, but I commute 50 miles per day, so I would need to add power steering and upgrade the brakes to power disc brakes.. I'm hoping to install a 9 ft bed that my brother in law located near me. Of course, it's one of those friend-of-a-friend deals, so I may end up making my own flatbed.

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