1939-1947 Dodge Truck Registry

Serial/VIN number: ______________ 7 or 8-digit number is found on a tag on the door jamb, in the glove box, or if that is missing, on the frame. (Tag heading SERIAL No)

Model Number: _________ (Tag heading, Model)

Frame Number: ______________ Double check this number if you can to verify that the number matches that on your door jamb, they sometimes do not due to cab swapping, etc. Please enter the frame number regardless if it matches the dataplate number, someone else may have your cab!

Engine: Type: Transmission:
(Number of forward speeds only)
6-cyl 201 cid
6-cyl 217.6 cid
6-cyl 218.06 cid
6-cyl 228 cid
6-cyl 230 cid
6-cyl 237 cid
6-cyl 241 cid
6-cyl 251 cid
6-cyl 281 cid
6-cyl 331 cid
Cab Chassis
Chassis Cowl
Windshield Cowl
Fire Truck
Dump Truck

Engine number: ____________________     Net HP: ________at RPM________ (Tag heading, CERTIFIED NET HORSE POWER at R.P.M.)

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): _______ (Tag heading, Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Except as Controlled by Tires Springs and Auxiliary Equipment _LBS )

Wheelbase: _________ (Measure)      Final Drive Ratio: ___________ (Must be calculated or found on the axle housing )

Wheel Rim date:_______ this is a two digit number, like 40 for 1940 that is stamped into the face of the rim near the lug nuts. Please check multiple rims, as there is often more then one year among the 4-5 rims on a truck.

Original Color:____________________________________look in places that are not likely to have been painted, the firewall, under the dash, behind the wiper covers.