How to Determine Model Number from the Wheel Base

A 1939 to 1947 Dodge truck Serial Number and the stock Wheel Base of the truck can be used to determine the Model Number of the truck.

The Wheel Base is measured from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel. Make sure the front wheels are straight before measuring. The numbers provided do not apply if the frame was stretched or shortened, or the rear axle was moved. Check trucks carefully for modification before using the numbers below as a guide, they only apply to stock trucks.
Below is a list of the Wheel Bases (W.B.) in inches and the Model Numbers that used them. This list was taken from the Factory Parts Books, some other literature from Chrysler shows different numbers. The parts books were used in hopes that they had the most correct information.
W.B.   Model Numbers
105 Cab Over Engine VM-35, WFM-35 WFMA-35, WFMX-35, WFMAX-35, WHM-45, WHMA-45, WHMAX-45, WGM-40, WGMA-40, WGMAX-40
129 Cab Over Engine VM-37, WFM-37 WFMA-37, WFMX-37, WFMAX-37, WHM-47, WHMA-47, WHMAX-47, WGM-42, WGMA-42, WGMAX-42
159 Cab Over Engine WFM-38, WFMA-38, WFMX-38, WFMAX-38, WHM-48, WHMA-48, WHMAX-48, WGM-43, WGMA-43, WGMAX-43
105   VS-45
116   TC, VC, WC, (Plymouth) PT-81, PT-105, PT-125
120   TD-15, VD-15, WD-15, TD-20, VD-20, WD-20
126   TE-20, TE-30, TF-35, VF-20, VF-27, VF-30, VFA-30, WF-30, WFA-30, WF-20,
129   VS-47
133   TD-21, TE-21, TE-31, TF-36, VD-21, VF-21, VF-28, VF-31, VFA-31, WD-21
135   WF-31, WFA-31, WFX-31, WFAX-31, WF-21
136   TH-45, VH-45, TG-40, VHA-45, VG-40. VGA-40, WH-45, WHA-45, WHAX-45, WG-40, WGA-40, WGAX-40, WJ-55, WK-65, WR-65
142   WJ-56, WK-66, WR-66
148   TH-46, VH-46, TG-41, VHA-46, VG-41, VGA-41, WH-46, WHA-46, WHAX-46, WG-41, WGA-41, WGAX-41
159   VS-48
160   TE-22, TE-32, TF-37, TH-47, TG-42, VF-22, VF-29, VF-32, VG-42, VGA-42, VH-47, VHA-47, VFA-32, WF-32, WFA-32, WFX-32, WFAX-32, WF-22, WH-47, WHA-47, WHAX-47, WG-42, WGA-42, WGAX-42, WJ-57, WK-67, WR-67
178   TH-48, TG-43, VH-48, VHA-48, VG-43, VGA-43, WF-34, WFA-34, WFX-34, WFAX-34, WH-48, WHA-48, WHAX-48, WG-43, WGA-43, WGAX-43, WJ-58, WK-68, WR-68
182   TF-39, VF-39, WF-39
190   TF-38, VF-33, VFA-33, WF-33, WFA-33
196   WK-69, WR-69
200   WF-36, WFA-36, WFX-36, WFAX-36,
220   TH-49, TG-44, VH-49, VHA-49, VG-44, VGA-44, WH-49, WHA-49, WHAX-49, WG-44, WGA-44, WGAX-44
235   WJ-59
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